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This source of remote M3U playlists for IPTV channels, movies, TV shows, and live television including news and sports works in any media player app that can use them on any internet video streaming device. Kodi, as the ultimate home entertainment center software, makes a great choice to access free IPTV links such as these working ones provided by Fluxus TV for July To watch free TV channels online, read on….

We explain these two simple ways to utilize IPTV playlist files to access all the streaming free IPTV links you want; one without even relying on further Kodi addon installations. We have basic installation and setup information to get you streaming from Fluxus TV channel offers below.

You can also follow the available links to find out more about these great free IPTV addons for Kodi streaming of M3U playlist channels. When using free IPTV playlists found online, an encrypted VPN is highly recommended to hide your identity, location, and online activities. We've also arranged a special discount exclusively for My True Media readers. Right now, you can try the Surfshark VPN app free for 30 days.

Get the fastest, most secure VPN available risk-free with their day money back guarantee. If unsure what a VPN is, how it works, or why you really should use one, save yourself a lot of trouble and read this article:. Fluxus TV service provides six different M3U playlist files thirteen if you include all their great international cinema M3U playlist files. Watch any streaming online entertainment channel content provided on as many internet video devices as you like.

You get entertainment such as live TV channels and radio stations along with streaming video on demand to watch new hit movies and classics, spiritual and religious programming, closed-circuit camera feeds from around the world, news shows and sports broadcasts, and even adult content. Using the following two methods provides the best and easiest ways to add your own free IPTV links into Kodi.

This gives you virtually limitless free streaming IPTV channels.

IPTV M3U Playlist URL Download – Working Free IPTV Links

We have an article that explains this addon in more detail. Playlist Loader is a third-party Kodi addon you must download and install. Learn how to get it up and running with our recent Playlist Loader Kodi addon article. The addon allows you to enable and watch unlimited free IPTV links. Navigate to Kodi Settings, and within the Interface area you should find a Skin item. These free IPTV links provide tons of great streaming live and on demand video entertainment.

Essentially, here there be porn, so be forewarned and aware of the laws where you live or stream from. Many of these movies have audio tracks and subtitles in multiple languages that can be selected while watching. If you find any of these addresses broken, please give us a shout in the comments below or visit our Twitter or Reddit pages to let us know.

We will keep these updated when and if they stop working.PoE 3. Come and plant your seeds, kill the harvested monsters and get rich rewards! Here is the latest PoE 3. Helmet : Summon Chaos Golem lvl 20 lvl 21 high endSummon Stone Golem lvl 20 lvl 21 high endSummon Lightning Golem lvl 20 lvl 21 high endEmpower lvl 3 level 4 - high end "this is our buff helmet". Everything will be in Path of building link if you somehow are confused.

The former decides if your hit crits or not, the latter decides by how much its damage is amplified. We couple this with Eldritch Battery to redirect it to Energy Shield instead, which allows us to fully reserve our mana for auras.

Same as above, we keep this for maps to keep investment low during early game content. With our Ascendancy and the Golem Commander notable we can summon a total of 4 golems. Note: This setup is designed to increase cold damage taken by bosses and to use the Vaal version to speed up the map clearing speed.

Note: It is VERY important that they are linked in the order described above, the craft "Trigger socketed spell when you use a skill" puts the ability on a 4 second CD and will be cast in the order of the links. Note: The lvl of CWDT is suppose to be low, this comes down to a matter of taste, I prefer to keep it at lvl 3 with the Immortal Call at lvl 5, if it's higher it won't work.

It also does not require Endurance Charges to function though the duration will be rather low without which is still enough to keep you from getting instantly killed by Porcupine packs that dies! Virtually no gear requirements. Can be done on all rares. Like all spells, the power comes from the level of the skill gem so progression feels smooth. There is no combination of mods this build cannot do.

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Choosing from a Zana inside your map becomes matter of what layout you prefer. Eldritch Battery.

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This particular combination allows you to get some good value from both health and energy shield on your items and a few specific nodes in the tree become super valuable when scaling both of these stats. I list this as a pro because I can't be bothered to keep up multiple buffs, golems, and whatnot. This guide is supposed to be new player friendly. You have your Bane, Flame Dash, and For newer players this really helps manage flask usage.

Advanced players can work in supplemental skills or vaal auras but are not necessary for the build to function. A couple uniques really "turn on" this build for the endgame. This is a beginner-friendly, league-starter viable, solo-self-found viable, and comprehensive Bane Occultist guide.

The leveling section in this guide is meant to take players with a fresh install or in a fresh league and get them into maps and started on a powerful character.

Interested readers can find gear priority, stat suggestions, mechanics explanations, and a whole bunch of links that might be useful for newer players.Tailoring is usually a profession that is focused on crafting cloth armor and bags, and that is the case this time around as well. The Notorious Combatant gear will be of interest for people looking to quickly gear up a new alt so it can tackle Nazjatar without spending too much gold or too much time dead.

The Saddle blanket is a buff item that is also a part of the recipe for the leatherworking mount equipment, while the Saddlechute is a fully fledged mount equipment slot item. As we can see the majority of the Notorious combatant pieces are profitable on my realm even at rank 1. With higher rank recipes you would be looking at an even better profit and much less time required to craft. Sale rate is not amazing, but overall I have found that Notorious gear does sell, so crafting up a couple for each slot should be well worth it.

For the mount Equipment we can see that on my realm only the Saddle Blanket is profitable, the Saddlechute is selling for half the cost of the raw materials and should be avoided, at least on my realm. All of the new recipes are obtained from your profession trainer in your factions main Nazjatar hub. Higher ranks for the notorious combatant gear is once again locked behind marks of honor, so hopefully you enjoy PvP! Otherwise you will have to choose between doing it anyway, or just using the rank 1 recipes if they are profitable for you.

My usual TSM setup for selling crafted gear will be perfect for selling these items as well. You can find my updated tailoring setup in my pastebin which includes groups for all of the tailoring items currently in the game. If you want to level up your gold making come join me on Patreon and get access to awesome rewards like Early Access to all my posts. Brilliant guides — thanks! I also have a question. Is there a way to add either a region price backup to the price string, or even better, use the market price for the Alliance item number in the string?

If you want to add a backup price you can just use first dbmarket, dbregionmarketavg If dbmarket does not exist then it will use the second source. If you add the right versions of the item it should not matter though, as it should be using whichever faction version you actually have. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Search for:. The new recipes 8. Profitability As we can see the majority of the Notorious combatant pieces are profitable on my realm even at rank 1.

Solo Raw Gold - Episode 1 - Go Gold Mode 8.3

Getting the new recipes All of the new recipes are obtained from your profession trainer in your factions main Nazjatar hub. Post navigation World of Goldcraft The qualities of a goblin.

Have a question or a thought?View Staff Posts Post Reply. Hi guys once again : I decided to make stone golem golemancer version build. Since my ice golem build is very popular i wanted to make something new.

www pastebin com u lazy goldmaker share this if you like it

Mine build is balanced so no worries you gonna smash everything. I did all in my best to explain everything so u shouldnt have any problems but feel free to pm me.

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If you can please showcase your character gear for others to see and learn : ty! Thank you guys for supporting me. Im not doing itjust rerolling mods on map. Other map mods doesnt matter just go.

Ice Golems vs Stone Golems: Ice Golems got more single target dmg boss killer compared to Stone Golems but Stone Golems got aoe melee attack approximately 20 units in radius skill also they taunt all mobs when they use it. Ice Golems overall dmg and attack speed is higher then stone golems. The best cluster we can use for build is voices. We use 3 passive or 1 passive version. Keep in mind atm 2.

www pastebin com u lazy goldmaker share this if you like it

I will show you guys my gear atm on league. Im lvl almost 90 had no time to play poe. Im deleting not killing - deleting t16 maps also i did Simulacrum deathless. Im missing a lot of stuff here but this is what i got atm. Posted by bamper1 on Mar 4,PM. Quote this Post.BoE flipping is extremely expensive. So far in 8. This is still more than my sales, and will remain so for several weeks most likely.

This is not a beginner market, so if you have less than 1 million gold you should probably stay away, build capital and get ready to try your hand at this when Shadowlands rolls around. BoE flipping in BfA has been focused on finding strong titanforges with a lower price than their value. Extra bonus rolls like sockets have typically been the main way to find value, but you can also just rely on players wanting to sell their BoEs quickly.

Purchase prices have to be chosen on a realm to realm basis. Higher population realms typically have lower prices. To get an accurate idea of the value of an item you have to use the region market value. Any one variant is very rare, so market value on a single realm will usually be wrong. I have favorited a search that returns all the BoEs over item levelwhich is what I use to look for deals, as shown in the screenshot. I also set the base shopping price to dbregionmarketavg so that the percentages are evaluated compared to region market prices.

Of course item level is the first factor we will consider. This is where the big money comes from. Each item can have one of 19 different corruption, and most corruptions can have one of three different tiers with stronger effects and more corruption for higher tiers. The most powerful corruptions are typically the ones with unique effects like damage procs. Knowing the value of a corruption is hard, and it varies between armor types as different classes prefer different stats.

The value for the best corruptions can be crazy, like this off-hand with a max rank Infinite Star corruption. The region value is 1 million gold.

[TSM4] BfA 8.1 Tailoring

All the items can roll a socket as well, which is a huge performance increase. A socket will also, like corruption be a source for mispricing from players that only consider item level when posting. We will still also flip BoEs from eternal palace. For finding deals we will approach these items the same way we have done since 8.

[TSM4] BoEs 8.3

The way I do it is to just boil it all down to looking at how the price is relative to the region market value. Most items will have sufficient numbers in your region that this will give a great idea of the value.

Then you just need to determine how the market looks on your realm.As of now, we are gradually changing from the traditional modes of Broadcast like TV and cable television to the new age digital streaming through the internet. IPTV is a major game-changer in the streaming world. However, to obtain the full functionality of the IPTV, one must need a significantly good internet connection with very high speed. In simple words, IPTV delivers programs to you using the internet.

This is quite different from conventional programming which uses radio waves to deliver the program signals. IPTV is basically much more efficient than other sources. However, unlike regular television where you can watch multiple programs on different channels, on IPTV you can only watch one program at a time.

IPTV can be accessed through your phone, or by your computer, or simply with the help of set-top box and TV. This file is used by the Video Players to identify the channels.

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It is associated with multimedia content. Video players use such files to queue files for playback.

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M3U Playlist lets you stream s of channels with a single link. Hence, it is quite significant in the IPTV industry. Multimedia, or even normal audio players, can be used to create playlists of your favorite songs, films, Television shows, or random videos using the application itself. In the next step, they are then compiled into a single M3U playlist filewhich can also be opened using any text editor since the information compiled in the file is text-based. Keep in mind that, not all the apps are free.

If any streaming copyrighted OR illegal content found on your device, you could get into serious trouble. Also, it comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee. We will discuss about set up guide in this article later. Simply, copy the content of the above links into a text file with. If you prefer to watch movies in different languages, then we have the right IPTV links for you as well.

It is compatible with almost all the different platforms like Windows, iOS, Android, etc. If you are wondering why are we talking about Kodi in the first place, then you should know that with the help of Kodi add ons, users can stream free IPTV channels on Kodi. Add ons are the reason behind the popularity of Kodi.

There is no shortage of add ons as well. These are the most popular and reliable ones available. Even, Some channels might not work because of Geo-restrictions.

If you have any queries regarding the content of the article, then do write to us. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

www pastebin com u lazy goldmaker share this if you like it

IPTV Users!In this episode I talk about what happened over the 8. If you want to level up your gold making come join me on Patreon and get access to awesome rewards like Early Access to all my posts. Podcast: Play in new window Download. Hey Lazy. I am finding that TSM is not working properly with your Pastebin scripts because of the updated auction house…. I think. It is austo completing all scans with no returns because I think stack sizes are no longer a listed option in TSM or the AH.

So when I load your scripts it says 10 stacks of 0 with no option to change the stack size to 1 or something larger….

I didnt think about the fact that the ones I have published have to be updated, will roll them out tomorrow. I think i might have been doing something wrong so you might not have to repost anything.

I am just unsure if the new AH is throwing things off since stack size is no longer a thing. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Search for:. Post navigation Classic Goldmaking: Transmute deep dive. BfA Goldmaking: Making gold with tailoring in 8. Can you share your tsm options? Have a question or a thought? Leave it here: Cancel reply. Designed By HowlThemes.

www pastebin com u lazy goldmaker share this if you like it

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